Steve Schepens – Rubik's Cube

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With great wit Schepens dwells on the main moving force of contemporary society – ideology. The topic is more actual than ever today, when (cold) war of ideologies is enkindled in Europe, claiming human lives. One of the leit-motifs of the sculpture RUBIKs CUBE is the figure of Pied Piper of Hamelin. Numerous stories exist explaining the fact why 130 children disappeared from the city of Hamelin in Lower Saxony in the 13th century. Schepens' sculpture sets a connection between the Middle Ages, its grave and dangerous passion for ideologies and icons – through the birth of contemporary art as we know it – to reality of the 21st century. The sculpture, is a kind of a Rubik's cube, all its sides being identical, with mouse traps instead of colours. This work carries a clear idea that there is no good and bad ideology – any of them is no more than a collective mousetrap.

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